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We - BAC Decoration Company are committed to always strive to be a leader in the market of building materials with continuous product quality changes as well as services in Vietnam. In particular, we would like to introduce to you a product that is very environmentally friendly that is the product line "Acrylic Solid Surface" Staron

Construction materials and interior decoration can be divided into two major product lines depending on the raw material ingredient: Natural and Artificial. Since the Industrial Revolution up to now, people have been trying to exploit natural resources that cause environmental pollution and other environmental impacts. In order to minimize the impact, a new line of products has emerged that replaces these natural products with more inventive features than previous natural products. Acrylic Solid Surface not only protect the natural environment but also provides many benefits to the user with modern design, elegance, convenience and bring special values.

We - BAC Decoration Company is the official distributor of Lotte Staron Artificial Stone in Vietnam. With the increasing demand for quality raw materials, Staron ® products have achieved initial success when penetrating into the vibrant building materials market in Vietnam. And the vast majority of customers realize the value of Staron ® when it comes to apartments, office buildings, banks, hotels, etc. As a result, many developers have been able to obtain They are more profitable for their products in the market by applying for those products with outstanding features such as: absolute hygiene, diversified designs, leaving no joints on the surface. modern, luxurious, as well as easy to construct, etc.

With the existing experience, we look forward to working with partners in the field of Construction and Interior Decoration to develop and cooperate successfully!


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