An Abandoned House Becomes a Luxury Home in the Heart of Amsterdam

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In remodelling the old building, two challenges were set for architect Sander van Eyck, head of design studio Cocoon Living: To reflect the experiences and memories of a family who is passionate about travel and to combine this with a cosmopolitan design. The pieces embellishing the bathroom and kitchen – created using Staron® – give the rooms the elegance and serenity sought for this refurbishment.

Many of the old buildings surrounding the canals have been renovated in recent years, turning them into elegant residences. That is the case with this project: To turn a large three-story house that needed to be refurbished after having been abandoned for several years into the home of a family who is passionate about travel.

Sander van Eyck explains that “the family asked me to take care of the whole design – from the layout, furniture and lighting, to the customised design of the kitchen and bathroom,” where HI-MACS® plays a special key role.

Beyond the exceptional exterior surroundings, marked by the presence of Amsterdam’s iconic canals, there is also the interior with open spaces filled with light thanks to large windows and a firm commitment to the colour white. This uniformity of colour is only broken up by the dark wood floor and some notes of colour in the furniture.


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